If you are planning to develop a new cigar brand or purchase cigar manufacturing services, there are typically 7 steps involved. You need to choose

  1. Cigar/Cigarillo

    1. Chose the cigar type or types you require from the range in the cigar gallery
  2. Wrapper

    1. We can provide samples with existing available wrapper leaf
    2. You can select leaf that you require.  ECMI can source leaf and provide samples.
  3. Binder

    1. We can provide samples with existing available binder leaf
    2. We can provide samples with HTL binder.
    3. You can select binder leaf that you require.  ECMI can source binder leaf and provide samples.
  4. Filler blend

    1. We can produce samples with our own unique ECMI filler blend
    2. We can provide cigar/cigarillo samples with our existing available filler blends
    3. We can develop new flavoured filler blends according to your requirements.
  5. Packaging Options

    1. Wooden boxes – these are manufactured in house, therefore ECMI can develop wooden boxes specifically tailored to your needs.
    2. Alternative packaging, ECMI can obtain quotation and order directly on your behalf from a broad range of suppliers of tin, cigar tubes, carton or plastic manufacturers.
    3. You can supply packaging directly to ECMI
    4. We can supply loose cigars
  6. Cigar Brand development

    1. ECMI can work with you in producing artwork and logos for your new cigar brand
    2. You can supply us with artwork and logo of your brand and we will develop the packaging for a new product range
  7. Volume/Delivery options

While it is our core principal to meet all of our customers demands whenever possible we have some constraints.  Please contact us directly and we can discuss the options in relation to order volumes.

Service Level Agreements can be implemented as required. Click here find out more about our cigar manufacture and cigar branding services.

Virtual Tours

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Client Testimonials

“Just got cigarillo natural in today – I love them. Mild and medium taste and the aroma smells great, with spices from start to finish.”
"In our business getting orders in on time is critical and ECMI deliver every time – on time. It’s something less to worry about and that’s always a good thing."